Parya Fundraising Campaign 2016


Parya in 3 Minutes



As a community-based organization, we rely on your continued support: any amount is welcome. Your tax-deductible donations will allow us to preserve and build programs that unite our community today and in the future. You can make your donation either online or via the post.

Our Programs


Our Educational program is aimed at diverse target groups with different needs (e.g. newcomers, seniors, youth, and women). We provide learning opportunities that can enhance and change lives. Learn More

Health & Wellness

We offer special programs from fitness classes to weekly lectures on nutritional health and mental wellbeing. Learn More

Arts & Culture

Parya is a meeting place for all members of the Farsi- speaking (Iranian, Afghan and Tajik) and other communities to come together and foster intercultural relationships based on their love of the arts, music, theatre, dance, and ideas. Learn More

Sports & Recreation

Our sports and recreation programs are a mainstay attraction from youth (ages 7 through 17) to seniors to come to Parya and participate in organized activities that include soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Learn More 


Upcoming Events - Ongoing Programs


09/17/2016 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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