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Positions we are looking for are:

1-   We are looking for volunteer coordinator who can recruit volunteers, train and connect them to various positions

2-   Drivers to drive seniors and ill community members to and from their appointments. 

3-   Make social visit to isolated community members either in their homes or in hospital

4-   Shop grocery for seniors and drop them off at their place

5-   Take seniors for walks

6-   Cook for seniors either in their place or drop off food for them

7-   Help a senior or ill person by visiting them and cleaning their units

8-   Meet them or call them to book an appointment over the phone

9-   Interpret for them over the phone

10-  Donate one hour to a person who has limited or social media skills and create or update their Facebook, twitter, Instagram, website,….

11-  Translators and interpreters to help individuals with legal issues, calls to Canada Revenue agency, Citizenship and Immigration offices.

12-  People with trucks and pick-ups who can help newcomers move furniture to their new place

Many positions are also available in Parya: 

·        Help with events; set up chairs, tables, food preparations, clean up…

·        Library; organize books, label them and dust them

·        Garden; plant seeds, water them, clean up, take care of garden,…

·        Computer class assistant, creating flyers, registering participants, contacting participants; assist in translation of material in various languages

·        Gathering information about existing skills and connecting skilled workers to skill seekers.

There are many possible motivations to volunteer:

·        to feel needed

·        to get to know a community

·        to demonstrate commitment to a cause/belief

·        to gain leadership skills

·        to do your civic duty

·        satisfaction from accomplishment

·        to keep busy

·        for recognition

·        to share your professional skills

·        because there is no one else to do it

·        to have an impact

·        to learn something new

·        to be challenged

·        to feel proud and good

·        to make new friends

·        to explore a career

·        to help someone

·        to do something different from your job

·        for fun!

·        to earn academic credit

·        to keep skills alive

·        to have an excuse to do what you love

·        to assure progress

·        to be part of a team

·        to gain status

·        to build your resume

·        because of personal experience with the problem, illness, or cause

·        to stand up and be counted


Download the Manuals Here:

Volunteer Orientation Manual (Revised on Nov. 2017)

Outreach Training Manual

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