Since 2002 as Federal Charity Organization

Ahmad Tabrizi, founder and president of Parya has been overseeing the operation of the center and the charity since inception. He has “volunteered” 16 years of his life to the center to help Iranian community and community in general.

Parya’s budget comes from funds and donations. Funds have come from municipality of York Region, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario government, Federal Government, RBC bank, and local funding organizations. Donations have been received from all members of community, small and large businesses, and through sponsorships.

The center receives funds for specific program and position. These funds received for specific program cannot be used for the mortgage, repair, maintenance, cleaner fee, landscaping, alarm system, utilities, accounting fee, taxes, bank fees, and so on. Therefore we rely on donations to pay all above mentioned costs.

All levels of ESL classes including TOFEL and senior’s ESL class on are run by York Catholic District School board. All hiring for teach positions are also done through the YCDSB.

Parya is not affiliated with any specific religion, religious groups, political parties, countries or believes. Parya is a center that is inclusive to all religions, believes, gender and sexual identities, minority groups, people with various abilities, all languages, all cultures as long as they all are respective, welcoming, accepting, and open to one another. Parya is a center made by Iranian community for all community in general.

Yes, Parya is always recruiting youth to help with events, youth trips, assistance in computer lessons, seniors days, general office duties, library, kitchen, cultural events and outreach.

Translating of documents, interpreting for seniors and newcomers, driving seniors to their appointments, visiting lonely community members, mental health workers, shopping for sick individuals, calling and booking appointments for individuals with no English, and so on.

  • Parya accepts monetary donations and every amount above $25 will be issued a tax receipt. All amounts are welcomed.
  • At Parya, we collect and accept NEW clothing donations during Christmas time for shelters.
  • We also collect non-perishable food for Foodbank such as cans and dry foods during Christmas time.
  • Community members can also donate to one day meal of our seniors program one Friday.

Please sign up for newsletters on our site, check local newspapers or become a friend of Parya on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and visit our site regularly.

Please check our site and social media platforms. We also post jobs at www.settlementatwork.org and www.jobbank.gc.ca

Yes, all services are available to all community members. The only exception would be Seniors day for Farsi speaking seniors on Fridays.

Our phone system does not allow for “0” but extension 108 works as zero.

At Parya we can help you create flyer and post it in our lobby. Also we would be able to connect as service seeker to service provider.

We are open 5 days a week and on weekends if there are events. Please call us or check our site to make sure we are open.

If you have any other general questions that might be beneficial to others, please send them to us and we will answer your questions and post them along with these questions. We would like to hear from you. Connect with us via Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter