About Parya

A federally-registered Canadian charity founded in 2002, Parya Trillium Foundation was created based on a heartfelt need in our community. From the start, the vision has been to provide facilities and services to our community to better integrate with and contribute to Canadian society as active citizens. Today, Parya Trillium Foundation is a dynamic a vibrant community center with a large, multi- purpose facility where we are currently running a number of programs and services for the Farsi-speaking and also community at large. Our dedicated staff and enthusiastic volunteers are striving to ensure that we meet the needs of the community and fulfil the vision of our founders. At Parya, we are committed to empowering the Iranian-Canadian community and to ensure all Iranians in the GTA feel they have somewhere to go to access excellent services, to interact with their peers, gain independence and ultimately become productive citizens in their new home.


  • Soheil Parsa
    Parya is not just a building. It is a vision that offers hope, self-worth and that kind of support to those who don’t have that network to rely on.
    Soheil Parsa
    Actor, Theater Director, Producer & Dramaturge
  • Sohrab Akhavan
    In the line of helping each other, I was very satisfied to see how well Parya is managing this task. I hope Parya be a role model for all Iranian foundations around the world.
    Sohrab Akhavan
    Producer & Director
  • Dr. Reza Baraheni
    The organization called Parya, founded with the devoted efforts of Mr. Tabrizi, is an organization for immigrants of all nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Newcomers find all the help they need to establish in their new country. From language instruction to upgrading their skills, they get all the help they need to settle down and enter the workforce. Parya is also a home away from home for senior citizens who need to socialize and fill their lives with friendship, activities, field trips and educational and artistic programs.
    Dr. Reza Baraheni
    Novelist, Poet & Professor
  • Shabnam Tolouei
    A welcoming cultural venue with qualified & caring crew. During my theatre performances in Parya, as an Iranian artist in exile, I really felt at home. Thanks to Mr. Tabrizi!
    Shabnam Tolouei
    Actress, Theatre Director and Playwright
  • Dr. Abbas Milani
    The Parya Foundation is an impressive combination of selfless philanthropy and assertive community organization, of promoting new civic responsibility and preserving proud ancient traditions. A source of pride for all Iranians of Diaspora.
    Dr. Abbas Milani
    Author, Historian and Professor
  • Maz Jobrani
    Parya Foundation is one of the only organizations I've seen around the world that has been able to set up a community centre for Iranians outside of Iran. They serve an invaluable role for all Iranian-Canadians.
    Maz Jobrani
    Actor and Stand-up Comedian
  • Michael Chan
    The Parya Trillium Foundation is a wonderful organization that is good for the community and good for Ontario.
    Michael Chan
    MPP of Markham-Unionville
  • Touka Neyestani
    As an Iranian immigrant and a newcomer to Toronto a few things have stunned me. Parya Foundation is one among my jubilations. For me Parya is a representation of hardship spent in exodus that signifies a comprehensive loneliness lived in estranged places: a symbol of an ongoing transfiguration of a frail minority of people to a developing and rising community. I believe there are a lot of people who share this.
    Touka Neyestani
  • Ahmad Sakhavarz
    Parya is a place where Iranian community finds a strong sense of fellowship and belonging. For newcomers, it fills the gap between the old and new homelands, and for the rest, the feeling of having a place to call home and always be welcomed. In Parya, Iranian art and culture is always alive.
    Ahmad Sakhavarz
  • David Miller
    Congratulations to everyone involved for the success of Parya Trillium Foundation and Centre! Having been involved since the idea was a dream, I am so proud of the community for its success so far. The centre fills an important need, and delivers its programs and events with absolute excellence. Well done!
    David Miller
    Former Mayor of Toronto
  • Jian Ghomeshi
    Parya is an inspiring example of a community initiative done right. I'm proud to see it happen. This has been a notable advance for Persian Canadians in the greater Toronto area.
    Jian Ghomeshi
    TV & Radio Broadcaster & Producer, Writer and Musician

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